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Take a look at what we do, who we are and see what we're into. Services include , graphic design, packaging, advertising, uk packaging and design for print

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This is the wonderful new website of Clik. Take a look at what we do, who we are and see what we’re into. One thing we all love is meeting new people, so, if you like what you see, give us a call or email Simon

What we do

We are experts in exciting graphic design. We do everything from business cards to billboards. We combine amazing illustrations, clever copy, beautiful photography and stylish layouts. We are capable of brilliant results, within any budget or deadline.

Services include:

We love new logos. We respect existing brands. We like giving a business a facelift, or just a nip & tuck. We smile proudly when we see one of our logos on the side of a matchbox, or down the side of a tower block.

We understand print. We love the smell of fresh ink and the texture of paper. We find varnishes and metallic finishes strangely sexy. We know how to make a message jump off the page and a little piece of print perfection.

We respect the web. We like the way it brings everything, everywhere into our little studio. We like to help clients set up home in the vast expanse of the internet, and do clever things to make customers come to visit.

We like it when we do big work. We love billboards, displays and exhibitions. We like to make the most of new
technology and materials. We take pride when we see something we created out there, doing it’s job in the real world.

We built our business on illustration. We love drawing. We love colouring-in. We love good-old fashioned pens, pencils, inks and paints. We have embraced new-fangled ways of colouring-in on computers too.

Illustration - CGI
We do computer-generated imagery. We do it better than anyone we know. We turn ideas into amazing 3d virtual models. We create perfect photo-real artists impressions of buildings, products, characters, anything you want.

Illustration - Freehand
We love traditional, honest, quality illustration. We love scamps and sketches. We love marker visuals and concept drawings. We love cartoons, caricatures and watercolour paintings. We respect the talent of the freehand artist.

Illustration - Technical
We love techie pictures. We like exploded diagrams, showing the tiny details of gizmos from the inside out. We like blueprints. We like line drawings. We like plans and diagrams. We like them hand-drawn or computerized.

Find Us

We love Birmingham. We love St. Paul’s. We love the quiet of the leafy square so close to the buzz of the big city. We love the trees and the alfresco restaurants. We like having visitors, so why not arrange to pop in and see us hard at work.

Clik Design
43 Water Street,
St Pauls,
B3 1HP.
Talk 0121 212 1612
Fax 0121 212 1644

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